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Here we have some cool and interesting videos dealing with army training, propaganda, race and gender in the 1940’s and some video dealing with the war more generally. Warning: some of this is hard to watch.

Training Videos
Classic army film called Kill Or Be Killed, which kinda says it all, doesn’t it? Funny and grim at the same time.
Want to know how to aim and fire your new M1 Garand rifle, soldier?
Let’s say you want to know how to kill a Kraut who’s standing behind a tree. Yep, we got that covered.
But, wait a minute, what about bazookas? How do you fire a bazooka?
The great Frank Capra’s 7 part film, Why We Fight.
The ultimate Nazi propaganda film, Triumph Of The Will. In the German with English subtitles.
Education for Death: The Making of the Nazi, a cartoon by Disney.
Donald Duck der Nazi. No, really.

Warning note: Some of these videos are very tough to watch, some of it is simply unbearable.

The Night Tulsa Burned. When white rioters destroyed America’s “Black Wall Street.”
Nina Simone in a devastating rendition of Billy Holliday’s, Strange Fruit.
Documentary film dealing with the internment of Japanese-Americans.
Nazi anti-semitic film dubbed to English. Jews as rats. Charming people, those Nazis.
Fantastically condescending film on hiring women to work in war industries.
Lecture on the battle of Kasserine Pass. A bit dull, (okay, quite dull) but interesting for those who want to know more.
Impressionistic color video of the battle of Kasserine Pass and Tunisia more generally.
First person account of one soldier at Kasserine. Watch his face. Listen to his voice. See the price even the survivors paid.
A, um, LEGO recreation of Kasserine Pass. (Not exactly accurate.)
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